The Bali Meetup

The first of a series of meetups will take place in Bali, Indonesia, from July 18-21, bringing together climate, sustainability, and scalability experts to explore ways to scale climate action around the world, especially in the Global South.

The event includes expert talks, visits to organizations fighting climate change, thought-provoking discussions and experiences, and of course meeting other like-minded people.
Some of the questions we aim to answer during the Bali meetup:

  1. How could ordinary citizens get together to scale their own climate actions to industrial-scale impact?
  2. What lessons could we take from the tech industry and economies of scale, to apply to climate actions we can take today to make a significant impact on a planetary scale?
  3. What best practices are there locally that could be scaled regionally and globally, and vice-versa? How could the brilliant minds of our community help to scale these?

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