Our Vision

Scale climate action aims to connect regular folks who want to increase their positive climate impact but don’t know how, with projects and organizations working on the ground, helping both of them scale their positive impact using fast-scaling lessons from the tech business world. 

We strive to achieve this through a worldwide network of meetups and online platforms to get a billion people to significantly scale their climate action by the end of the decade.

We are biased towards action: in the meetups, people will hear from experts, then be prompted to commit to actions right away. Different working groups will continue to work after the meetup is done, and report back on the next month’s meetup.

We’d like to get everyone to understand that every job is a climate job, and we can absolutely apply our existing skills and experiences to climate solutions.

Becoming aware is the first step toward taking action.

What does “taking action” mean?

It means people around the world could prepare themselves and their local communities for extreme climate events that are very likely to take place if they haven’t started yet.

Developing countries are amongst the worst regions predicted to be severely affected by climate change, so getting crucial information about what is expected to come gives people, especially the most vulnerable ones, a better chance of preparing their local communities to mitigate the effects of climate change, as well as take part in the decarbonization of the global economy, currently underway.

More than increasing chances of survival, we aim to support people across the world to benefit from what is being considered by many as the greatest economic opportunity of this century. And becoming aware is the first step toward benefiting from this opportunity.

“Climate change is considered by many as the

greatest economic opportunity of this century


Every phone we buy, every taxi we take, every food we eat, every e-mail we send and every Google search we make has an impact in the Earth’s ecosystems.

Everything human beings do in their day-to-day lives impacts climate, and the climate impacts their day-to-day in an infinite feedback loop. We believe all news and information available online should become climate-related.

We strive to bring climate awareness to 1 billion people in the Global South, to inspire ordinary citizens to thrive by Scaling Climate Action to protect and improve their livelihoods not just for themselves, but for their future generations.

About Founders

rudra kasturi
Rudra Kasturi

renato silva
Renato Silva
[email protected][email protected]
Hyderabad, IndiaBali, Indonesia
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Spent nearly 18 years working on Digital world focusing on Scaling Business, Growth, Strategy and Revenue. Rudra has worked earlier with Yahoo!, Amazon and Growth Consultant for many Unicorns. His focus right now is to make everyone understand the climate challenges, and how to solve this with tech at Scale. Originally from Brazil, Renato has spent nearly 20 years working and studying in Europe, Latin America, and Southeast Asia. With the last 15+ years dedicated to consumer tech product management, he is now focused on helping humanity overcome its biggest challenge ever: climate change
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